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Perches - 1/2" X 3/8" Champed Edges
 2 Perches Placed 3 Wires Either Side of Center
Wire Front - Black
Drinker - Black 'D' Cup

23 Wire Front
Drinker Hole in Center
Hand Hold - Kidney Shaped

Door Hinged
Timber 1/4" or 1/15"

Sherwin Williams

CC*E COLORANT     OZ    32     64     128

G2- NEW GREEN        -       13     -        -

R3 - MAGENTA           -       2       -         1

Y1 – YELLOW              -       6       1        1


Size: Quart –

Product:  Base: Duration Home Interior Acrylic Latex Satin Extra White-1-Quart

                  Extra White 650096571

Product Number:  A97W01251

Exterior of Cage - Gloss Black


Possible Sources for Gloster Show Cages
Jerry Cason - for New Wooden Cages
Tom Voges - New Plastic Show Cages
3601 S Valley view St
Wichita KS 67215
You might also try joining this Facebook group
which is called "Canary Show Cages For Trade or Sale"
If the link below does not work try copy/paste of the https:// below.



The Gloster Canary is judged on a 100 point system as follows:


  • CORONA: Neatness, regular unbroken round shape with a definite center, eye discernible. (worth 5 of 20 points)

  • BODY: Back well filled & wings laying close thereto, full neck, chest nicely rounded without prominence. (20 points)

  • TAIL: Closely floded & well carried. (5 points)

  • PLUMAGE: Close, firm, giving a clean cut appearence of good quality & good natural color. (10 points)

  • CARRIAGE: Alert, with quick, lively movement. (10 points)

  • LEGS/FEET: Medium length, with out blemish. (5 points)

  • SIZE: Tendency to the diminutive. (15 points)

  • CONDITION: Healthy & cleanliness (10 points)


The points for the CONSORT are identical

to the CORONA except for the following:

  • CONSORT: Head broad & round at every point with good rise over center of skull (15 points)

  • EYEBROW: Heavy showing browiness (5 points)

Gloster Fancy Corona

Gloster Fancy Consort

C.O.M. Corona

Standard for 2015

C.O.M. Consort

Standard for 2015

AGB Show Cage

Show Cage with "D" Cup

AGB Show Cage

Show Cage with minidrinker

Gloster Show Cage Detail

Cage front & top details

Gloster Show Cage Detail

Show cage sides details

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