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Association of Gloster Breeders






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Association of Gloster Breeders,

in order to promote the Gloster Canary,

offers certificates to local shows for the

Best Corona and Best Consort of the show.
We also offer on request, certificates for the Best Novice Corona and the Best Novice Consort.

Please provide the following information for the certificates:

  1. Name of local club sponsoring the show.

  2. Date or dates of show.

  3. Location of show (i.e. City/State)

  4. Judge who will be judging the Glosters.

  5. Show Manager (s)

  6. Address of where the certificates are to be mailed.

Please send your requests or questions to:

715 Avocado Court
Del Mar, CA  92014
Please allow plenty of time ahead of your show for the certificates to be mailed by regular U.S. mail.
Please return the sheet enclosed with the certificates  back to me after your show with the results. Your winners will be recognized in our Quarterly Newsletter.

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certificate consort.png
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