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            Welcome to the Official Website of the United Gloster Breeder's Club is an organization consisting of members who are dedicated to increasing the popularity of the Gloster Fancy Canary not only in the United States but around the world. The United Gloster Breeders Club objective is to advance the study, breeding, exhibiting, and maintenance of the purebred Gloster Fancy Canary. 

                    Our combined goal is to provide you and all interested novices and seasoned experts with an educational & progressive environment to assist all in the improvement of all Glosters in an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie.

                    Please enter our site and learn about the corona  and consort standard as well as what the required show cage should look like. 

                    Before you leave, take the time to print out our Membership Application Form and follow the instructions to become a member and partner with THE UNITED GLOSTER BREEDER'S BIRD CLUB!! We hope that you will enjoy your visit to our site as much as we enjoy our Glosters! 

If you have any question or need assistance please feel free to contact us by clicking on the email icon. 


Thank you for visiting our site. 

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